Elder Law - Medicaid Budget Numbers for 2019

  Eligibility Criteria for a "Single" Applicant:  

  • Must be a US citizen or a lawfully admitted Alien.
  • Must be a Texas Resident.
  • Must meet a Medical Necessity assessment.
  • Must be in a nursing home (that offers a Medicaid bed) for 30 days.
  • Must have income less than $2,250.00.
  • Must have Countable Resources less than $2,000.00
  • Must be free of all Post-DRA penalties for uncompensated transfers (Penalty Divisor is $172.65).

Eligibility Criteria for a "Couple" both filing (all criteria is the same except): 

  • Must have a combined income less than $4,500.00.
  • Must have Countable Resources Less than $3,000.00.

Spousal Impoverishment: 

  • The applicant must divert all or enough of his or her monthly income to their non-instigutional spouse, so the non-institutional spouse has gross monthly income of $3,090.00.
  • The Community Shouse is allowed to retain 50% of the couples combined Countable Resources with a minimum of $24,720.00 Maximum of $123,600.00 in some cases, more resources are allowed.

Exempt Assets: 

  • Homestead less than $572,000.
  • Personal Property.
  • Automobile (unlimited value). A 2nd auto if the spouse works.
  • Irrevocable pre-paid funeral contracts. 
  • Burial plots.
  • $2,000.00 in Countable Resources for a single.



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