Medicaid Initial Documents

Please print the documents below fill them out as fully as possible and bring them with you to your initial appointment.

Medicaid Qualification Appointment

What should you expect with your Medicaid initial appointment?

Prior to the meeting, we will send you the EPA (Estate Planning Assessment) and the other documents that are available for download above.  It is very important that you bring these with you to your meeting so we can have all of the information we need to properly advise you.

The initial meeting may last several hours, it is designed to meet seven specific objectives:

  • Identify the client and family's long term goals
  • Review legal and financial information
  • Create a preliminary eligibility plan
  • Share the Medicaid policy rules
  • Illustrate how regulations and policies work
  • Provide a timeline for eligibility
  • Quote a flat fee for services

If you engage the Law Firm for services we will set up a follow up due-diligence meeting and set a date to execute any legal documents needed.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Miller Trust or QIT?

A Miller Trust is a legal device used to forgive a Medicaid applicant for being over the Monthly Income Cap of $2,205.00.

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Will the State of Texas take my house?

Absolutely! The Medicaid Estate Recovery Program will lay a claim to mom or dad's assets if they do not plan accordingly.

Can my parents just give me their house?

Yes, but by doing so it will cause transfer penalties and could prevent your loved one from receiving Medicaid benefits.

What is a Lady Bird Deed?

It is a property deed that reserves a life estate for the grantor while conveying a future contingent remainder interest that is revocable. This deed is used to protect the applicant's home from recovery.

Does mom or dad need to sell their home?

No, the home is exempt from spend-down if there is an intent to return home.  Seek legal counsel about Medicaid Estate Recovery.

How Much income does Medicaid want the Community Spouse to have?

Minimum of $3,090.00, however there is no maximum limit.